The Lady - Reggie Nadelson
Thursday, June 29, 2017 at 12:28AM
Golden Duck

"It is, in short, terrific; wonderfully written, it is both tough and charming, a rare combination. With the characters, especially Donny, the hero, you really feel that Jones gets children. She also has a take-no-prisoners view of the more crackpot version of the politically correct"

"Julia Jones, who has also written the definitive biography of mystery writer Margery Allingham, really knows her way around a suspenseful narrative and secret history. People ask if The Salt-Stained Book is for children or grown-ups. In a sense it is both. It is one of those singularly English novels that anyone from the age of around 10 to 100 can happily read, even anticipating the next in the series."

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