Greg and Ann Palmer bought Peter Duck when she was lying in Woodbridge in 1987. "Three Million Cheers" - Ann wrote in her log book. They and their son Ned were her most adventurous, imaginative and intrepid owners. They started small, pottering around the peaceful Deben, then venturing to the Alde or the Walton Backwaters, just as we Joneses had always done, but then Greg's vision and determination extended their horizons. He and Ned took her round Britain in 1991 and then to the Baltic in 1993 and 1995. Peter Duck in Poland, 1995

For a few years Peter Duck's home was in St Petersburg but then Greg died, unexpectedly and far too young - as my father George Jones had done, fifteen years before. Ann and Ned took the hard decision (as my mother had previously done) that Peter Duck needed new owners if she was to be maintained in seaworthy condition for the future. With John Robinson as skipper and a crew of young Russian volunteers she sent her back to Woodbridge. They may have been pumping all the way, her topsides may have looked like baggywrinkles when she finally arrived at the Ferry Quay but the Palmers had changed my view of Peter Duck for ever. Not a 'marine bath chair' nor a floating perambulator, I could see now what a great sea boat she had always been. JJ

Peter Duck leaving St Petersburg, 1999