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Court-Martial for Ship's Granny?

Kemmel, gender-reassignedIN the last weekend of the summer holidays Frank and Alice decided to finish their annual Cornwall bucket-and-spade holiday with a weekend cruising from Falmouth on a chartered yacht. They invited Bertie and I to join them. I was wildly excited, had a lovely time and thought I'd write about it afterwards. The article was accepted, the weeks flew by and I didn't notice that I hadn't seen a proof. Imagine my chagrin with the glossy mag arrived, the feature beautifully edited and presented but the genders of the children WRONG!

Now I may well be one of the world's most hopeless grannies  but I do know what I've got. On the trip were two lovely grand-daughters, Gwen and Hettie and a grand-son, Kemmel. Okay, he's a yummy little moppet with big brown eyes and a tangle of curls and luckily he can't yet read ... but his parents can. How could I explain? A desperate email to the Yachting Monthly office and back came the amended version. They couldn't quite promise that all print copies would be ceremonially burned but here is what the article should have said -  Sailing with my Grandchildren


Peter Duck outwits the weather fairy

This wasn't the title Yachting Monthly gave my account of our 2012 cruise to the Veersemeer - a week that makes me feel happy everytime I think back. YM used a mix of my photos, one each from Bertie and Archie and some 'proper' ones taken a few weeks later by Bob Aylott.  Click here to read


Water off a duck's back?

I really enjoyed sailing with Dick Durham and Bob Aylott from Yachting Monthly but I think Ted Evans, owner of Ragged Robin (Arthur Ransome's Lottie Blossom) may want to keel haul someone when he sees the picture of AR at work on board Lottie, included as if it was PD. Honestly Ted, I didn't give it to them. Though I did recommend Christina Hardyment's new book where the photo is printed on the PD page ....

If you'd like to read the article, please click here