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Ursula Buchan and the Oaken Heart

Sudden spate of sales for the Oaken Heart alerted us to a fascinating and appreciative article by Ursula Buchan. She discovered the book in the course of researching A Green and Pleasant Land: how England's Gardeners fought the Second World War - which sounds well worth having in its own right. Here's what she wrote about The Oaken Heart


Ninety well-chosen words

in The Mail on Sunday Feb 24th 2013

"Herbert Allingham was one of Britain's most prolific and popular authors a century ago but you will never have heard of him. The reason is that he wrote stories anonymously for the weekly magazines so common in his day and none was ever reprinted in book form. He would have been forgotten had his daughters, one of whom was the author Margery Allingham, not preserved his work. Julia Jones has sifted through this archive and succeeded brilliantly in bringing to life both Allingham and the literary form in which he excelled."




Margery Allingham - after the Afterword


This month's blog for Authors Electric gave me the opportunity to think again (yet again) about the relationship between Margery's life and her fiction - specifically between The China Governess and the existence of Tom Carter

Read it here 


FYFF review

Thanks to Lesley Simpson, acting editor of the Bottle Street Gazette (Journal of the Margery Allingham Society) for allowing me to reprint Roger Johnson's review of Fifty Years in the Fiction Factory ahead of the Journal's publication. She obviously knows that it's full of many other good things.

Click here to read Roger's review


At the Polly ...

One of the many things I love about Margery Allingham is her tendency towards phonetic spelling. She almost invariably refers to the Regent Street Polytechnic which she attended in the early 1920s as the 'Polly' - and that's how I will (privately) always think of it. It was however the retitled University of Westminster who hosted a rather splendid launch event for Fifty Years in the Fiction Factory this week. Herbert Allingham's archive will move there sometime during 2013 and meanwhile a few pages found themselves proudly displayed in illuminated glass cases for the evening. Suddenly they looked tremendously precious - which of course they are. Many thanks for Jean Seaton (professor of media history) and Lynda Knill (cinema restoratin project) and Paula Cadenhead who really made the evenng happen.

This photo belongs to the Margery Allingham Society and shows Marge as Dido. Queen of Carthage, at the Polly in 1922