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The Legacy of Captain Nottage

 The new issue of Classic Boat magazine (Feb 2014) has my article on the Nottage Maritime Insitute - among many other good things, including an article by Peter Willis of the Nancy Blackett Trust with photos by Gill Moon of Twee Gebroeders. The photographs of the Nottage are by Emily Harris. 


Tractor cubes

I wish these showed up better. They are child-size sit-on, stand-on, eat-off cardboard cubes covered with papier mache and HUNDREDS of snipped out pictures of farm machinery. Another of Victoria Morris's painstaking and immensely practical pieces of recyled furniture. All the images come from my two year old grandson's favourite publication Farmers Weekly. A great use for old magazines. My cube is covered courtesy of the magazine Classic Boat and Francis's Private Eye (of course). You can see them on Victoria's paperworx website.

If you do look on the website I hope you'll also admire the screen that Victoria made using reproductions of some of artist Christine Woodman's lovely paintings. Nothing however can be as good as the originals and I would urge you to visit Christine's website abnd get a flavour of the delicacy, accuracy and sheer artistry of the originals. One day I'm going to have one.



At long last some of Victoria Morris's innovative designs in recycled cardboard are available to look at and to buy on the web. Click this link

The sit-on / eat-off cube that she made using pictures of Peter Duck from Classic Boat magazine is one of my favourite possessions. A joy to look at, useful and TOUGH. I think Victoria's work is perfect for special occasion presents - give a journalist a table covered with his / her own newpaper, for instance. She's also brilliant at special commissions - the 'Under the Sea bookshelf' was made for my grandchildren and looks even better for real than it does in the photo.