ECLECTIC ELECTRIC - Raised by Hand, Lifted by the Tides

Friends at Authors Electric have a new book review blog. I'm so pleased about this as I felt forlorn when Cally Phillips's IEBR was no more.  Profoundly grateful to Sue Price for somehow finding the time to set this up.

Eclectic Electric has also given me somewhere to say publicly how I admire both Willett Thomas's novel Raised by Hand, Lifted by the Tides AND the work she is doing in Baltimore.



How to Sell Paper


I love this title given by Literary Review magazine to Phil Baker's review of Fifty Years in the Fiction Factory. I love the review as well. "A chastening tale of freelance existence", he says.

Here it is


Anyone for History?

The Stavoren in 1658. Detail from drawing by W. Van de Velde the Elder inNational Maritime Museum catalogueRather a long blog-post for my Authors Electric monthly slot but - well, I blame the children. I've been visiting primary schools in the Tendring Hundred under the auspices of the Essex Book Festival - and somehow this set me off ...

Anyone for History?

Also - it's the first chance I've had to write about my new book. Just wish I could decide on a TITLE!


Peter Duck outwits the weather fairy

This wasn't the title Yachting Monthly gave my account of our 2012 cruise to the Veersemeer - a week that makes me feel happy everytime I think back. YM used a mix of my photos, one each from Bertie and Archie and some 'proper' ones taken a few weeks later by Bob Aylott.  Click here to read



The Salt-Stained Book got a lovely write-up from bookseller Catherine Hawley on her blog Juxtabook. The entire Strong Winds Trilogy was reviewed by Chris Brown, reviews editor of the School Librarian and, as if all that were not enough, History Today ran a thorough and appreciative review of Fifty Years in the Fiction Factory by Melbourne based critic Fiona Gruber.