The Cruise of Naromis: August in the Baltic 1939

In August 1939, five carefree Englishmen set off to the Baltic aboard a motor cruiser from the Norfolk Broads. The crew of Naromis – “Skip”, “Fattie”, Bill, Mike and “Honest George” Jones – drank beer, ogled flaxen-haired girls and caroused the streets of Cuxhaven singing “Horst Wessel” as their German companions bawled out “Land of Hope and Glory”. They also took many photographs of ships, bridges and naval yards which were later passed to Naval Intelligence.

The Cruise of Naromis was found in an attic -- together with diaries, photographs and records of the author's six year service in the RNVR. Biographer Julia Jones (the author's daughter) has an added an introductory essay and an afterword. The Cruise of Naromis is the story of a young man coming of age at an extraordinary time. It's of particular appeal to yachtsmen and people interested in WW2 Naval History - and to anyone who wonders how they might have coped if they'd been 21 in 1939.