Please Tell Me More

Our first life story activity book, Please Tell Me, was designed to help people begin to gather information about themselves and their lives and pass it on to others. Its space was limited so here we offer Please Tell Me More.

Use this book in any way you choose. You can write more about the people, the places and the happenings of your life (past or present), or you can make a personal collection that reflects your individual interests. Perhaps you love cooking, sport, woodwork or poetry?  Make those the headings for your pages and fill them with your memories and knowledge. Use it as a scrapbook if that’s what you’d enjoy. We’ve illustrated a few of the ways people like to spend their time, either alone or in the company of friends. There are so many more. You will know which have mattered most to you.

Not everyone wants to write. Artist Claudia Myatt prefers to think in pictures. She’s drawn scenes from her own life story along the bottom of these pages. It’s unique, of course, but many life experiences are also shared. Do you remember your first day at a new school? The dreams that didn’t come true – and those that did? You could include those memories here or use them to begin a conversation.

This is your space – for your stories, your sketches or your souvenirs. And if anything doesn’t turn out quite as you’d like it, you can download free replacements for any of the pages from the John’s Campaign website (or ask a friend to help you do this).