NOT Forgotten Lives: Felixstowe 2017

NOT Forgotten Lives celebrates the lives of older people living in residential accommodation in Felixstowe, Suffolk. Their experience is a rich resource which must not be forgotten - even when the ability to communicate has slipped from the conscious mind. Some contributors have provided their own brief stories: others, particularly those who are living with dementia, have been enabled to participate by those closest to them, whether family members, friends or care professionals.

Dementia is a complex and shifting illness that affects every individual differently. Words may become elusive though feelings remain powerful. It's essential that the lives of people with dementia are not forgotten and their voices are still heard, their lives remembered. Those who interpret for them add their own perspective and we hear the voices of relatives, friends and care home staff.

NOT Forgotten Lives was produced for the Felixstowe Book Festival 2017. It's supported by the Felixstowe DAA & the East of England Co-op and is a good example of a community venture that could be replicated anywhere.