New Cover for A Ravelled Flag

 Claudia Myatt and I had a happy day deciding on the original cover design for A Ravelled Flag. We were on board Peter Duck and sailing through Harwich harbour in a wind so strong that I even put a reef in before we went out to sea. Anyone who has sailed on dear steady Peter Duck knowns how rarely I do that. We looked across at the 'Hispaniola' lying motionless and sinister off Shotley and said "We must have the flags" on the new book's cover. If you've read The Salt-Stained Book you'll know at once which flags I mean. If not, just look at the cover.  So that's what Claudia produced, cursing as she struggled with the intricacy of the double-headed dragon. But for some reason the background turned calm. We were thinking of still, icy, winter days yet the final impression was tranquillity - far away from the turmoil of the story itself. (You can see the old cover on the ARF page). Finally the first edition has sold out and a reprint offered Claudia and designer Megan a chance to rough things up a bit. Oh YES! I'd take a double reef down if I was out in that lot.