Fifty Years in the Fiction Factory: the working life of Herbert Allingham 1867 - 1936

ISBN 9781899262076 (pb £17.99)

          9781899262144 (kindle £7.99)

an epub edition will soon follow - it's in preparation just not yet up-loaded. Please get in touch if this format would be especially useful to you.

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Fifty Years in the Fiction Factory is based on the 2006 PhD thesis Family Fictions (University of Surrey, Roehampton) The change from thesis to biography represents a fairly substantial revision and it's possible that scholars may prefer to read the original. All this material is free to use subject to suitable acknowledgement being made.

The Herbert Allingham archive will move to the University of Westminster in summer 2013 and will be directly available to researchers. Meanwhile please address queries to or via the contact page of this website.

Family Fictions contains full endnotes to each chapter and a bibliography. There are three appendices which have been up-loaded separately.

* Currently (1.10.2012) the contents page has been incorrectly added. Please disregard it.

Appendix I is a chronological list of Allingham's work - especially useful for assessing his annual productivity and observing the pattern of re-prints.

Appendix II lists the major serials, their reprint dates, revisions and alternative titles

Appendix III is a list of business letters with brief synopses of their contents

Click the following links to view and/or download Julia Jones's 2006 PhD thesis, Family Fictions: