July 1st 2017 Felixstowe Book Festival (Julia)

March 10th 2017 Essex Book Festival - Julia talking at Farleigh Hospice

Jan 5th 2017  Publication date Cruise of Naromis

November 2nd Pride & Prejudice pre-show talk, Wolsey Theatre Ipswich (Julia)

October 27th Francis News Quiz

October 13th Francis News Quiz

August 2nd  Westminster Library - talk about Beloved Old Age

June 30th 2016  Publcation date Beloved Old Age

June 25th Felixstowe Book Festival - introducing Daniel Hahn

April 21st Francis News Quiz

Jan 7th 2016  Francis News Quiz

(almost all Julia's events in 2016 related to Johns Campaign so are not listed here)

July 13th 2015 Writing Workshops Saxmundham Academy

July 6th Writing Workshops Trimley St Mary

July 2nd Publication Day, Black Waters

June 27th / 28th Felixstowe Book Festival

June 23rd / 24th WEA summer school

June 9th AE blog "Oh it's the 'Orfer!"

June 3rd Writing workshops Grange Primary School

May 20th / 21st Writing Workshops Causton Junior School

May 13th Scantlings: Meeting Felicity

May 9th AE blog

April 20th Writing Workshops: Langer Primary

April 9th AE blog

March 25th Scantlings: Meeting Ben Lucas

March 9th AE blog

Feb26th Scantlings: Meeting Charlie

Feb 2nd 2015 Scantlings: Aiden's Blog 

Jan 21st Trimley St Mary Writing Workshop

Jan 9th 2015 AE blog "Unlockng the Hard Word Box" 

Dec 12th 2014 An evening with Private Eye (Nat Theatre) 

Dec 11th Scantlings: "So who's the boss of the backbone?" (Jake) 

Dec 11th Trimley St Mary writing workshop

Dec 9th AE blog "For John and June & 800,000 more"

Dec 3rd - 4th Trimley St Mary writing workshops

Nov 28th University Challenge

Nov 27th Scantlings: The Race was On (Liam)

Nov 12th Scantlings "Meeting Tariq" 

Nov 11th PEN Quiz

Nov 9th AE blog "X Marks the Legacy"

Oct 22nd Scantlings: "Meeting Tyler"

Oct 9th AE Blog "A Tale of Three Festivals"

Oct 1st 2014 Scantlings: "Harkers Yard: First Impressions" 

Sept 27th Lowestoft Library Festival

Sept 17th - 21st Flensburg Literary Festival

Sept 13-14th Maritime Woodbridge

Sept 9th 2014 AE blog "I wish I could write a Short Story"

Sept 10th Presenting Prizes Summer Reeading Challenge - Felixstowe Library

Aug 9th AE blog "Listening to the Salt-Stained Book"

July 21st  Reading children's stories - Langer Primary school

July 14th Writing Workshop Kingsfleet Primary school

July 10th Author Visit Kingsfleet Primary School

July 9th AE blog "Is a picture worth 1000 words?"

July 8th with U3A at Cliffe Hotel Dovercourt

July 5th - 7th Nancy Blackett AGM and visit from Chelmondiston Y6 pupils

July 2nd Trimley St Mary Primary School

June 28th 2014  Felixstowe Literary Festival -- "Boats and Books" in Orwell Hotel "Mapyour own adventure" at Felixstowe Library

June 23rd Langer Academy, Felixstowe

June 9th AE blog "My Uncle the Editor"

May 16th 2014 Crimefest Biography panel (Bristol) and presentation of Margery Allingham CWA prize

May 9th AE blog Jan Needle 

May 8th Holbrook Primary School

May 6th Celebration of Wild Wood at Slightly Foxed Bookshop, Gloucester Road

May 1st Official publication date for Jan Needle's Wild Wood

April 9th AE blog No LSD on my Kindle

April issue of Yachting Monthly review of Deep Sea and Foreign Going

March 24th 2014 'Get Witham Reading' with Pritti Patel MP @Tiptree Heath Scyhool

March 9th AE blog Confabulation

March 7th 2014 Author Visit and Writing Workshop Ipswich High School

Feb 9th AE blog In Praise of Picture Books

February 6th Author Visit and Writing Workshop Chelmondiston Primary School

February issue of History Today Article on Wm Van der Velde

January 22nd Guest Post CRA blog Margery Allingham and Mersea Island

January 9th 2014 AE blog Tales for the Marshes

Jan issue of Classic Boat Magazine - article on the Nottage

December 20th  Writing Workshop Saxmundham Free School

December 9th AE blog Goodbye Great Age of Print & Farewell Herbert Allingham

December issue of Yachting Monthly Family Cruising in Cornwall

November 9th 2013 AE blog Strong Winds and Common Sense

October 23rd White Hall Academy Writing Workshop II

October 22nd Wix and Wrabness - celebration of writing

October 18th  BBC Suffolk - Simon Talbot.  Woodbridge Cruising Club, LOSB celebration

Octobber 17th Wix & Wrabness Writing Workshop - editing

October 16th White Hall Academy Writing Workshop I

October 11th Pakefield High School "Literary Leap Day"

October 10th Wix & Wrabness - day out

October 9th Frinton Book Festival - Tendring Technology College and Great Clacton Junion Schools

October 9th AE Blog "Scary Stories"

Oct 7th publication day The Lion of Sole Bay

October 3rd Author Visit Wix and Wrabness

October 2nd Author Visit White Hall Academy

September 21st Julia at EAST

September 9th AE Blog The CWA/ Margery Allingham Short Story Competition

August 9th AE blog "Just Add Children"

July 10th Kessingland Year 6 children visiting Peter Duck

July 9th AE blog "Why do you flap your hands in front of your face?"

July 2nd Julia at Kessingland Primary School

June 11th & 18th Julia at Frobisher Primary School. Jaywick - Essex Book Festival writing workshops

June 9th Authors Electric blog - Anyone for History?

June 5th and 19th Julia at Alton Park Primary school, Clacton - Essex Book Festival writing workshops

May 18th Margery Allingham birthday lunch - Julia introducing Imogen Robertson

May 10th Francis on News Quiz (sorry I haven't kept up with Francis's dates) 

May 9th Authors Electric blog - Legacy Publishing 

April 20th JJ at East Anglian Writers

April 9th Authors Electric blog - Book Building

March 16th JJ speaking to TARS East at the Nottage Institute Brightlingsea

March 13th 2013  Essex Book Festival Fifty Years in the Fiction Factory JJ at Epping Library

March 9th Authors Electric blog - Arcadia on the East Coast of England

March 1st opening of Essex Book Festival

Feb 13th JJ on BBC Suffolk discussing the Salt-Stained Book and its Readers Award

Feb 9th Authors Electric blog

Feb 1st publication of Kindle edition of The Adventures of Margery Allingham

January 15th JJ on BBC Essex discussing SPARKS

Jan 9th 2013 blog at Authors Electric

December 27th Publication of SPARKS: the Authors Electric anthology

December 12the Francis recording It's not what you know at BBC R4.. (Archie has already recorded his contribution)

December 9th blog at Authors Electric

Decemebr 1st  At Westbourne Library, Ipswich

November 14th Suffolk Book League Fifty Years in the Fiction Factory

November 3rd Julia talk at East Anglian Sailing Trust

October 20th 2012  TARS Eastern region literary day at Bury St Edmunds

October 17th 2012 Fifty Years in the Fiction Factory - celebration at the University of Westminster

October 1st Publication day for Fifty Years in the Fiction Factory

Sept 15th - 16th  Maritime Woodbridge

July 2nd Ghosting Home publication day

June 16th Nancy Blackett AGM - preview of Ghosting Home?

May 13th talk at Pin Mill Sailing Club

May 9th blog at Authors Electric

April 9th blog at Authors Electric :He Wrote all His Life ..."

March 9th blog at Authors Electric "Hits and Niches"

March 2nd 2012 With pupils from Kessingland Primary school during the day and at the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht club in the evening.

Feb 9th blog at Authors Electric: "Making e-books visible"

Feb 4th 2012 Royal Harwich Yacht Club / Cruising Association talk.

Jan 9th blog at Authors Electric  "Season's greetings from You.Gov., Futurebooks & Julia Jones"

December 9th Blog at Authors Electric "Where to begin?"

November 26th 2011 Ipswich - Friends of Westbourne Library event

November 24th 2011 Publication date for A Ravelled Flag

November 15th Eastern region TARS at Pin Mill Sailing Club

November 9th  Blog at Authors Electric "What would an e-rep look like?"

October 9th Blog at Authors Electric "A Bookseller's View"

Sept 10th TARS literary weekend - University of Bristol

August 17th Julia at Waterstone's Bookshop, Ipswich - signing The Salt-Stained Book

August 10th - Lesley Dolphin's sofa guest - BBC Radio Suffolk

August 4th Radio 4 broadcasting 'Paddling with Peter Duck' - presented by John McCarthy - 11.30am

July 16th Nancy Blackett AGM + Salt-Stained Book 

June 16th 2011 Publication date for The Salt-Stained Book

June 14th - 16th Peter Duck in St Katherine's Dock, London. Visitors welcome.

June 6th? R4 John McCarthy recording Paddlng with Peter Duck

May 14th Margery Allingham Society AGM University Women's Club. Nicci Gerrard speaking

April 23rdGriff Rhys Jones at Levington Marina + Julia + proofs of Salt Stained Book

April 9th Oaken Heart Book of the Month in the People's Friend

March 24th 2011 EBF Oaken Heart event in Tolleshunt D'Arcy

March 22nd 2011 Julia talking to Steve Scruton about the Oaken Heart BBC Radio Essex 3.30pm

March 18th EBF Francis interviewing Simon Heffer in Felsted

March 17th EBF Aminetta Forna In Dunmow Library

March 10th EBF Francis interviewing Peter Stotard in Chelmsford Library

March 8th  Francis at Glasgow Fest.  EBF Andrea Levy at Helena Romanes School, Dunmow,

March 3rd 2011 opening of the Essex Book Festival AND PUBLICATION DATE FOR THE OAKEN HEART

(If you wonder why it's all been a bit quiet ... the reason is that F has been suffering from a slipped disc and events have not been his big thing in recent months. Is now recuperating from an operation. )

November 22nd PEN quiz

November 8th Michael Foot memorial event

October 29th  R4 News Quiz

October 27th  Suffolk Book League

October 26th Francis on The Write Stuff Radio 4 quiz programme on the Beat poets, follow up from earlier appearance focussing on PG Wodehouse.

October 25th Launch of Sown With Corn, Shire Hall Woodbridge

October 20th  Francis at the Horse Hospital

October 8th - 10th  Francis and Jon Ronson at Shakespeare and Co, Paris

October 5th Francis on The Write Stuff - R4

October 5th Julia at Jack Petchey awards, Bishops Stortford

September 11th - 12th  Maritime Woodbridge

September 3rd - 5th Margery Allingham Society convention, Suffolk.  Julia speaking about Herbert Allingham

September 3rd 5th Melbourne Writers' Festival - Francis a principal guest

August 21st - 30th  Peter Duck owners East Coast cruise

July - weddings and parties and our annual trip to the Proms - very many thanks to Roger Wright of BBC Radio 3

June 14th 2010  Francis speaking at 5 X 15  London

June 1st 2010  The Adventures of Margery Allingham published in USA

May 19th Francis at George Orwell Prize

May 18th  Francis talking about paranoia in Bristol

April 15th 2010  Stange Days Indeed - UK paperback publication date

March 29th 2010 Essex Book Festival Francis talking about Strange Days Indeed at the Essex Record Office

March 23rd 2010 Cheapjack event at Essex University + a chance to visit the archive

March 9th - 13th  Francis at Dubai Literary Festival

March 6th & 7th  Francis at Aldeburgh Literary Festival

March 4th 2010  PUBLICATION DAY FOR CHEAPJACK And opening of the Essex Book Festival

March 3rd 2010 Strange Days Indeed published in USA

March 2nd 2010 Francis talking to David Aaronovitch about his book Voodoo Histories as part of Jewish Book Week

March 2010 - Aldeburgh Literary Festival. Jewish Book Week, Dubai Literary Fetival, Essex Book Festival

February 10th 2010  Cheapjack finished copies due

February 4th News Quiz recording

February 3rd Francis speaking in Intelligence Squared debate on public schools

January 21st 2010 Radio 4 News Quiz recording

November 24th 2009 Francis signing books in London shops

November 23rd 2009 The PEN Quiz

November 19th 2009 News Quiz recording (end of series)

November 12th 2009 publication of Dennis Sewell's The Political Gene

November 5th 2009 News Quiz recording

October 22nd 2009 Francis recording News Quiz.  Publication of Pippa Lewis long-awaited Everything You Can Do in a Garden without Actually Gardening

October 15th - 18th Bouchercon 2009, Indianapolis (see News Page)

October 9th - 10th 2009 Francis at Ilkley and Beverley Festivals

October 3rd 2009 Henley Literary Festival - Julia and Francis

October 1st  Publication for Roger Lewis's Seasonal Suicide Notes at Zippo's Cicus

September 24th recording date for new series of The News Quiz - Radio 4

September 20th 2009  Francis reviewing the papers on Radio 4's 'Broadcasting House'.

September 8th 2009  Francis at Foyle's Bookshop to talk about Strange Days Indeed

September 3rd 2009 Publication of Strange Days Indeed

August - a perfect summer holiday at home

Weekend May 22nd - 25th 2009  Peter Duck at Shotley for International AGM of TARS (see News Page)

May 20th 2009 Neil D'Arcy Jones "In the Footsteps of Margery Allingham" (see News Page)

May 2009 - Radio 4's News Quiz is back on. Francis on programme May 8/9th 21st/22nd, June 4th / 5th and June 18th / 19th

March 2nd 2009 publication date for The Adventures of Margery Allingham

March 5th 2009 Francis & Julia attending the opening event of the Essex Book Festival - BBC Essex interviews (Julia with Angela Lodge)

see photo - Francis with Martin Newell

Read More about the Festival


March 10th 2009

Francis & Simon Heffer discussing biography at the Helena Romanes School, Great Dunmow as part of Essex Book Festival.

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March 11th 2009

Julia talking about Margery Allingham at West Mersea Library as part of Essex Book Festival.

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March 17th 2009

Francis in TV documentary about Tom Driberg