I joined Authors Electric in the autumn of 2011, not at all sure what to expect. I have found an interesting and varied group of professional writers who are both expert and supportive.

My 'job' is to produce a blog post on the 9th of each month. It's a promotional opportunity of course but also a stimulus to thought. Years ago, when I was a bookseller, I did enjoy reflecting on trade matters from my tiny patch on an Essex village high street. I wrote the occasional article for trade magazines and even spoke at a Bookseller's Association conference - on how to run your business from a BBC 'B' computer, if I remember correctly! These AE posts often give me a chance to think about the current developments in publishing and reading books-without-paper from my equally tiny base at Golden Duck. Or they're just an opportunity to reflect on the month that's past or the current problem - there's always something ...

Here are my posts so far:

October 2011 "A Bookseller's View"

November 2011 "What would an e-rep look like?"

December 2011 "Where to begin?"

January 2012 "Season's Greetings from YouGov, FutureBook and Julia Jones"

February 2012 "Making ebooks visible - Happy Birthday Mr Dickens"

March 2012 "Hits and Niches"

April 2012 "He wrote all his life, he wrote for the Million - but was he an author?"

May 2012 "They Took His Life and Threw it on a Skip"

June 2012 "Relating to Ransome"

July 2012 "The Duck, the Hippo and the Goblin"

August 2012 "Should I stop reading?"

September 2012 "This book is for ...

October 2012 "Mother Love - the story of a story"

In November 2012 I wrote a blog post called Sparkles which was my notes towards the anthology that eventually became SPARKS. Somehow in one of my late-night finger-tangling panics I managed to delete it from the site. ...

December 2012 "The Year's Dying"

January 2013 "Comparing Accounts"

February 2013 "Margery Alligham: After the Afterword"

March 2013 "Arcadia on the East Coast of England"

April 2013 "Book-Building"

May 2013 "Legacy Publishing"

June 2013 "Anyone for History?"

July 2013 "Why do you flap your hands in front of your face?"

August 2013 "Just Add Children"

September 2013 "Stop Press it's the CWA Margery Allingham Short Story Competition"

October 2013 "Scary Stories - but it's the writer who's afraid"

November 2013  "Strong Winds and Common Sense"

December 2013 Goodbye Great Age of Print &  Farewell Herbert Allingham

January 2014 Tales from the Marshes

February 2014 In Praise of Picture Books

March 2014 Confabulation

Jan Needle writes on The Lion of Sole Bay 

April 2014 No LSD on my Kindle

May 2014 Jan Needle

June 2014 My uncle the editor - a five star review 

July 2014 Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

August 2014 Listening to the Salt-Stained Book

September 2014 I wish I could write a Short Story

October 2014 A Tale of Three Festivals

November 2014 X marks the legacy 

December 2014 John's Campaign -- and June's and 800,000 more

January 2015 Unlocking the Hard Word Box

February 2015 (post date used to mark death of Pauline Fisk)

March 2015 A Thunderclap - or two

April 2015 We are not in Purdah!

May 2015 Unlocking the Word Hoard

June 2015 "Oh, it's the 'Orfer!"

July 2015 Reflections on Black Waters

August 2015 What to write about when all you want to do is go sailing 

September 2015 Min's Story

October 2015 Antarctica from Suffolk Mud 

Nov 2015 Remembering the Relay

Dec 2015 And All I ask is a Merry Yarn

Jan 2016 Don't Mention the War

February 2016 The NHS Constitution - a Must Read?

March 2016 Beloved Old Age and What to Do About it

April 2016 IN Praise of Daffodils

May 2016 Anyone can be an artist - can they?

June 2016 Work in progress, no (good) end in sight


Aug 2016 An Elegy Written for a Country Church

Sept 2016 Apology for Abesence

Oct 2016 Log Book Therapy 

Nov 2016 Remember, Remember 

Dec 2016 The Power of Stories - dammit!