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Kittens and codes, marriage and Breughal

There's something completely addictive about Ann's reflective connections, made with such apparent ease --  on a trip to the garden centre, f'rinstance. Here's the latest instalment from her life in Portugal (and I do have more to upload later). Click to read

Meanwhile - NB - Imogen (Robertson's) brilliant first novel Instruments of Darkness is now in paperback AND her second, The Anatomy of Murder, will be published at the end of the month.


one year on

It was January 2009 when Ann first landed in Portugal. Now, one year on, her flat is almost ready and she is looking at furniture. She spends Christmas with a Portugese family, attends the opening of a furniture exhibition and joins a library. In her characteristically restrained and limpid style she thinks back to her experiences of illness in New Zealand, England and Russia, reflects on things she learned in her marriage to Greg and shares memories of Peter Duck, her son Ned as a child and his visit to her last year with his partner Imogen Robertson. Read here