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The 'Friend' Book Club

D.C. Thomson's People's Friend magazine has made The Oaken Heart their Book Club choice for April. When I think of the years that Margery's family - especially her father Herbert Allingham - laboured for 'the North' and never felt appreciated. Well, I wish Herbert was around to see this. Here's the ad.

Also I've got files of preremptory letters upstairs from dictatorial Dundee editors demanding that Herbert jump to their tune - yet the people I've been dealing with now couldn't have been more approachable and charming. Obviously we've all gone soft ...


Bear Alley Blogspot

Steve Holland's Bear Alley blogspot has just featured Margery Allingham. The entry itself probably tells an Allingham-ite little that s/he wouldn't already know but a trip to the website is a pleasure in itself and provides an entry into the world of Herbert Allingham (Margery's father) and 'Ralph Rollington' (her 'wild uncle John').  Additionally Bear Alley was an address for her grandfather James Allingham's printing works from 1874 to (approx) 1883. All good stuff and plenty of pictures.