just mentioning

That there's now an Allingham Family Fictions page on Facebook where I try to put all sorts of Allingham -  related items such as photos and reviews.  

Here's my Authors Electric blog for January: Comparing Accounts


in the News

I keep forgettig that I should put Allingham items on this journal page rather thanthe general news sections. I don't think I'm likely to reform so, please, if you're an Allingham enthusiast, do visit the main News journal. Also - if you use facebook please DO visit the Allingham Family Fictions page - and encourage others to do the same. Contributions welcome.


Books Monthly & The Mind Readers

Excellent and unexpected review of the Mind Readers at Looks rather a good site. MA would have LOVED this review as it actually takes her seriously!  Always worth remembering that Phil Allingham thought the MR was her best book ever.


Went the day well?

I think it did, rather. The wonderful Eastern Angles are still interested in the possibility of a play about Margery and meanwhile I haven't missed the advertising deadline to grab a space for the Oaken Heart in their spring production Private Resistance by Ivan Cutting. The Eastern Angles spring tour runs from February to May and takes in so many of the village halls and other unpretentious venues where Margery herself would have loved to stage plays. An idea firmly suqashed by her father Herbert in the mid-1920s.


Joyce Allingham (in a dinghy)

New Bottle Street Gazette out. Includes my little piece abut Joyce - cameo in the Salt-Stained Book (click here)