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The third flag – Anna’s resplendent dragon on its rippling black background – had been slashed to tatters … What did pirates do anyway? In real life and the twenty-first century?”

In A Ravelled Flag Donny Walker and his Allies – Anna, Xanthe, Maggi and Luke – come dangerously close to finding out. Their adventures take them to semi-derelict docklands, up the deserted and beautiful River Stour and onwards to Britain’s most easterly point. This is a winter story, dark and suspense-filled, a gripping sequel to The Salt-Stained Book.

Some of the 'darker' themes include mental illness. Julia Jones wrote some reflections on this for the Independent ebook Review

The Lovereading comment: The story of 14 year old Donny and his new found friends that began in The Salt-Stained Book continues in this gripping sequel.  Donny's long-lost great Aunt has arrived from China on a boat and rescued him and his mother from the care system. Her gorgeous boat Strong Winds (a Chinese junk) becomes their home but it's not long before Donny and his friends and family are caught up in yet more dark, intense and suspense-filled action and adventure that is cleverly interspersed with Chinese tales from great aunt Ellen's life and a good dose of wit as well. It's a great read. 

and Parents-in-Touch said:

The engrossing sequel to 'The Salt Stained Book is, if anything, even more exciting than its predecessor. At last, Danny has been rescued from the care system by the long awaited arrival of his aunt. He and his mother take up residence on her Chinese junk and tales of China are interwoven in the darkly thrilling adventures of Danny and his friends as they endeavour to find out what pirates really do - their loyalty for one another is a key feature of this book, which focuses strongly on Anna's adventures. An atmospheric tale set in derelict docklands and on the River Stour - the authir's love of the area shines through here. I am eagerly awaiting the concluding book of the trilogy -  (Sarah Brew)

Claudia Myatt's artwork for the front cover of A Ravelled Flag. ISBN 9781899262052 £7.99

e-editions: 9781899262106 (Kindle) & 9781899262113 (ePUB) £4.99

Publication date 24th November 2011

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